Importance of human life

What benefit will we derive by coming to the temple and hearing the glories of the Supreme Lord from the lips of the devotees?

Wherever we see the benefits we will attend it. Nobody needs to be taught to earn money. Everybody understands money is necessary. They are earning money day and night; whether in Singapore or America. They know that without money they cannot move. This is our necessity. Nobody has to be taught about this. Similarly, when you understand why one performs worship of Sri Krishna then you will give time to attend.

This human birth is very precious. After passing through many births in different species, trees, insects, aquatic animals and land animals you get a human birth. It is said that you must pass through 80 lakhs of different species before you attain a human birth. So, a human birth is very rare and valuable.

You can only perform worship of Sri Krishna in the human species. Even birth as a demigod is not congenial for harinam. No other creatures can perform harinam. Because you are human you can accept the Supreme Reality, you can perform bhajans and you can worship Sri Krishna. You have this human life and you should utilise it properly and not waste it.

— His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj