Jahe vidhi rakhe Ram, tahe vidhi Rahiye

Sree Prahlad Maharaj while discussing surrender unto Supreme Lord, mentions that one cannot perform bhakti without surrender or sharnagati. Sharanagati is the foundation of bhakti. That is why it is said that Sreemad Bhagavatam begins, where Sreemad Bhagavad Geeta concludes. Sreemad Bhagavad Geeta’s message is sharangati.

‘Sarva dharman parityajya maamekam sharanam vraj.’
i.e. leave all sorts of ‘dharm’ and surrender unto Me.

One of the great Vaishnav Acharya Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur clarifies that sharnagati means, to submit unto the will of Supreme Lord. He explains the concept of sharnagati through 52 song compositions written by Him.

He writes,

sarvasva tomas, charane saumpiya, padechhi tomar ghare.
tumi t’ thakur, tomar kukkur baliya, janaha more.

O Lord Sree Krishna! I am handing over everything that I possess unto You…………….This is Sharanagati. Atma-nivedan. Surrendering ourself unto Him.

In another bhajan He writes,
manas deha geha, yo kichhu mora,
arpilun tuya pade Nand-kishore!

O Nandkishore! Son of Sree Nand! Sree Krishna! I have surrendered all of my possession like mind, thoughts, body, house, everything whatever belongs to me, unto You.

He further explains, that what will happen, when someone surrenders ‘self’ unto Supreme Lord.
He writes,
sampade vipade, jivane marane,
daay mam gela, tua o pada varane.

My Dear Supreme Lord, I am Yours. In whatever way, You want to maintain me, I will accept the conditions because this will be Your desire. Whether wealthy or poor, whether life or death, whatever You will desire for me, I will accept, I am not worried.

Jahe vidhi rakhe Ram, tahe vidhi Rahiye……this is sharanagati.