Lord Vaman Dev

chalayasi vikramane balim adbhuta-vamana
kesava dhrita-vamana-rupa jaya jagadisa hare
(Sri Jayadeva’s Dasavatara-stotra, 5th Verse)

“O Kesava! You assumed the form of Vamana to trick the great demon Bali Maharaj by Your steps, and to purify all living entities by the water that emanated from the nails of Your lotus feet. All glories unto You, Lord of the universe.”

Lord Vamanadeva, the protector of brahmana-dharma, saw Shukracarya, the foremost of the Bhrigu dynasty brahmanas and guru of the demons, once said to Sukracarya, “Your disciple Bali Maharaja has undergone many difficulties. Please perform the yajna again for his welfare.”

Sukracarya replied, “My disciple has seen You; he has chanted Your name and glories. Your rare lotus feet have been placed upon his head. Is my disciple still so impure that I have to perform a yajna to bless him?”

mantratas tantratas chidram
sarvam karoti nischidram
anusankirtanam tava
(Srimad-Bhagavatam 8.23.16)

“There may be discrepancies in pronouncing mantras, observing the regulative principles in serial order and moreover, there may be discrepancies in regard to time, place, person, articles and paraphernalia. But when Your Lordship’s holy name is chanted, everything becomes faultless.”

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