Srimati Radharani

By the fruit of the penances of king Vrishabhanu on the banks of river Yamuna, Srimati Radharani self-manifested on an unprecedented hundred petal lotus flower in Yamuna.

King Vrishbhanu was extremely pleased being blessed with a wonderful and most beautiful baby girl but saw that the eyes of the baby were closed. He was all the while unhappy internally for the baby being sightless.

One day his friend king Nanda along with his wife Yasoda devi and the child Gopal came to his place. While Sri Vrishabhanu was narrating his sorrow to king Nanda one surprising incident took place.

Baby Gopal crawled towards Radharani and touched Her. She immediately opened Her eyes.

Sri Radharani had taken a vow that she would see Sri Krishna only when she opens Her eyes for the first time. Hence as soon as Sri Krishna came she opened Her eyes.


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